University Exam of One – Part 1


A tale of Embarrassment ,Self-Discovery and Hypocrisy — Part 1 

“But I learned that there’s a certain character that can be built from embarrassing yourself endlessly. If you can sit happy with embarrassment, there’s not much else that can really get to ya.” – Christian Bale

It was almost over a week , I didn’t go to the office for this day.I was finally about to attend final paper for my final chance to be engineer.

I left for college around 12.30PM , exam was about to start at 2PM, but I had one more daunting task before that ,this one made sure that even back in my regular engineering days , I didn’t really attend too much of college. My college is like all beautiful things, is at odd place and hence little difficult to get to. A beautiful campus on Hill surrounded by trees and every corner with nice view of city , but I care less,(Pretty sure even Himalaya is beautiful and a view from there ), but if parking is at bottom, Then I am not going at either places !

But then I thought , wait a minute ! let me make some use of my older looking outlook now. I have seen security guard letting professor or parents cars through main gate , and once they are through main gate, car can really go till computer science department building .Awesome ! I did shout to my daughter , “Swaraa , where is my office ID card ?” — she is 11 months old, she didn’t really know what I am asking her , but my wife Nirmala heard that, she found it somewhere and gave it to Swaraa , and asked her “Give it to Daddy “ , my 11 month old walked across hall in very cute baby walk , like she is on mission or something . (Great, That is not just cute but useful too!! , Now I have my own new “Cute in-house transporter for all small things” )(Ohh, come-on , you all do it(or will do it if not already ) , use your kids to do things in household that we think are extremely boring , but would be cute to see them do it. )

So I wore ID card around my neck , idea was to trick security guard in thinking its College ID, while I will sport my big glasses which make me look even older than what I am already , and then show a fake confidence that depicts attitude of “I am regular here , and you are new, so open the gate , you sucker!”

I was almost 150 meters away from gate, security guard looked at me , I kept my game face on , gave him a stare, then looked around a little , but not too much. In my head, – “there is no way I am going to climb this hill in hot afternoon” ,I am attending this paper against of my will anyway , if he don’t let my car in , I am gonna consider this as a personalized sign/signal from God almighty(Like he has nothing else interesting to do!!! ) and turn my car around, watch whatever next movie available for next 3 hours ,switch off my phone so everyone else think in exam hall.“ (yeahh, I have done that before, we all have our weak moment)

Just give me a reason , and I swear I will take it.

But It turns out , my game face worked, he opened a gate and I drove through. Hmm.. well , lets see through this then as If I am anyway already in campus ,“ But First thing first, off to Anna’s Canteen which is very strategically housed just below girls hostel — next 45 minutes, Some Exotic Bird watching could relax me which is much needed for exam !! “ (Not revision , see that is the difference between you and me !! )

Look I get it , I almost spend last 5 paragraphs talking about how much I planned ahead to just get my car inside campus, Its seems very trivial thing , and I completely agree with you. Believe it or not , but this was one of the main reason why I hardly attended my engineering college.( Or At-least in retrospective I think it was :-) )

Sometime pure laziness of not doing trivial things, could lead to more interesting and challenging tales.

But in my case , giving Exam after around 7 years and 30KG extra weight I have been carrying around !!

Well Hold ON ! , Story Is not Finished yet, What happened till now was nowhere close to what Happen Next ! So get ready for some more humor in Part 2 this series, as they say “one’s tragedy , for others its comedy “

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Yogurt Labs – What is it not?

We are not working on following at Yogurt Labs

“Enterprise SAAS based Yogurt Making Process Automation Tool which is derived from Cloud based Analytical Dashboard churn by our Proprietary Big Data Implementation”

If you are not able to understand what I mean by above , Its ok , neither does any one of those poor fells that I tried Explaining it as a part of Pre-idea brain storming session .

But everyone loved it and said “Its a great Idea” :-)

(To find little more about Yogurt Labs, you can go to )

Aaj kuch tuphani Karte hai…. (Lets do something crazy today… )

Old friend send a FB message after finding my About Us page and what I have wrote there , Below is FB message I got , First Part of message is Text from my About Us Page


Now , because he/she (trying to keep even gender also anonymous..  haha )  was so nice and second person to call me “Awesome” (only other person is of-course “Me”  :-( ) , I thought I should reply something really nice and Crack him/her again So I can get called “Awesome” one more time .  Good Plan.. Right !

Below is what I replied , and Now waiting to hear that word again desperately !

:-) Life was too good and easy for whole of last year , got bored .
Then One calm and boring afternoon , while having some sips of Mountain Dew (sweet color water soda ) , got this thought “Aaj kuch tuphani Karte hai….  “ . 
(fuck those awesome cool TV ads .. ) 

First Option –  Scuba Diving , but then realized death by drowning could be really embarrassing as lot of people think I am good swimmer .  
Second option – Bungee Jumping , went onto google to do some research and then come across a video of two blond bikini model were trying to jump for 1 hour but did not jumped after giving all kind of reactions and expressions. 
Third Option – Mount Everest .. Baby ! – Went to Sinhgad fort as a practice trek on next weekend before I can start arranging for around 50L that would cost me to trek the Mount Everest(yes, its freaking 50Lakhs INR ) , had epiphany on fort which i reached after 5 hours , that I am way over my head with this. 

there were some more good options , like “Bike Ride to Ladhakh , vanish somewhere and live without money for 3months etc” , but then figured these are sourced from my excessive social media uses or my addiction to TV shows . Told myself , “First , Get a Life dude, then Get Real !!  “ 

So Last Option , our good old way to get a Kick which would be as high and scary as above options , but something that 95KG dude in his late 20’s (you see what i did there .. :-) ) who thinks he is hip because he listen to Eminem all day long could do it – Starting up again !! 

And after that , life has been Crazy, Exciting , Challenging , a little Confusing and Chaotic but full of Possibilities again ! 

Too much melodrama :-) , Haha , it ought to be :-)

Innovation is creation of a viable new offering

I come across Book “Ten types of Innovation  – The Discipline of building breakthrough “- Larry Kelly , Ryan ,Brain , Helen etc.  , while getting some reading done on Innovation and Practical methods to Entrepreneurial Innovations . Book has some breakthrough ideas and concepts which are really worth going through number of times.  Following is direct extra from Book ,  Reproduced here in contemplation that this simple idea can help more people.

“Innovation is creation of a viable new offering

  1. Innovation is not only Invention :    innovation may involve Invention , but it need many more things e.g Deep understanding of whether customers need or desire that invention, how partner network can be formed to deliver it, and how i will be sustainable in long term .
  2. Innovation have to earn their Keep : Innovation have to return values , then only privilege of making another same day. Viability is defined with two criteria : The innovation must be able to sustain itself and return its weighted cost of capital .
  3. Very Little is Truly new in Innovation : “Every living thing comes from living thing” , Most innovations are based on previous advances . Innovation dont have to be new to the world – only to a market of industry .
  4. Think Beyond Products : Innovation should be about more than products. They can encompass new ways of doing business and making money , new systems of products and services , and even new interactions and forms of engagement between company and its customers .


It’s OK to fail

“It’s OK to try something new.

It’s OK to make mistakes. You will learn a lot from them.

It’s OK to take risks.

It’s OK to take your time.

It’s OK to find your pace.

It’s OK to try it your way.

It’s OK to fail. You can always try again free of fear.

It’s OK to look foolish.

It’s OK to be different.

It’s OK to wait until you feel ready.

It’s OK to experiment (in safety).

It’s OK to question the ‘shoulds’.

It’s special to be you. It is necessary to be you.

It is necessary to make a mess – which you are willing to clean up.

The act of creation is often messy.”

Making Things  – Ann Sayre Wiseman

        Found above Poem while browsing , Its mean to be for children’s , to inspire them to learn and explore . But as entrepreneur it has some raw appeal to us as well, and not because its great excuse when we fail , but because the above is reminder why you have chosen path less traveled.