Arjun – Animation Movie from UTV

Today just a saw a trailer of Arjun- Animation movie form UTV.

There is one more video on youtube which is i am not sure but… its looks amazing..


17 thoughts on “Arjun – Animation Movie from UTV

  1. The second clip is from Arjun by Ajay Singh Supahiya – a student at IDC, IIT Mumbai. This film has won a lot of awards including the recent Anifest India 2008 and also the Golden Cursor Awards held in early 2008.

  2. Thanx guys for great response

    I am so proud that I made this film,and this is my first animation film

    vwry soon wiill come up with next one

  3. second clip is not the promo its a diffrent clip i think with same name..isnt it ?
    but its awesome … keep it up guys . we are almost there.

  4. One thing i would like to suggest in second clip is obout drawing.. although im very newbie in this industry still i think work on the drawing little defined stroked.. i mean likee when there is shot of arjun from back it should be very clear contrasting, visible anatomy … it was little blurred… may be bcoz it is done with pencil shade? But two thumbs up for this clip…. 🙂

  5. So far this flick seem to be amazing till date
    as all animation produced in india were quite
    typically childish.
    gr8888 way yo gooooooooooo

    may i know wen this movie will be releasing
    coz its been more than 7 month wen i saw its
    1st trailor

  6. I would like to see this movie. I am not able to find it any place online or any torrent file. Any help will be much appreciated!

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