& Blogging again

Its too much work to put thoughts together , get every word ,sentence and spelling of those right . A Style of writing is important too , I was just reading my “About us ” page that I might have wrote around 3 years back , felt embarrassed the way it is written . Lot has changed in last 3 years , and lot of that written there is no more relevant  or sounds too naive to my own ears.  The language in there sounds too much individualistic , very internal focus, sometime it has refereed me in third person prospective ( which is very stupid ) .

So New Resolution , Dont think too much , just write , its more fun that way . Too much of consciousnesses is dosnt do too good (Sometime ) . Having ability or platform where thoughts can be free flow is very much important for thinking mind .

Going to write atleast 1-2 Post a week , I am hoping there would be enough to write about happening around .

People , be nice please .


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