Why I am not going gaga over the RaGa episode?

Rahul Gandhi interview with Times Now editor in chief Arnab Goswami has been making lot of rounds in social media . Overall reviews about interviews has been very negative and Rahul Gandhi has become a part of  jokes.This was Rahul Gandhi’s first interview to national news Channel on one -to-one basis in his around 10 years of political career.  There were few things definitely He did wrong Like

RahulGandhi1. Repeated use of same message i.e Empower Women , Change system , Bring in Youth

2. Avoiding Eye contact with Arnab or TV screen while answering questions ,  reflected very low confidence

3.  Allowing Arnab to drive the conclusion rather than he himself concluding a question

4. Not answering specifics , but rather speaking in vague language.

5. If he was upset on any question , he should have shown that anger on face and might have refused to answer the question , but instead he pulled back and tried answering a question without answering it .

6. Should have bought some research / proof or specific example of work and directions he was working , and could have used topic or question to show them to make a point

Rahul Gandhi

There is anti-congress cloud right now for number of reason , and one of the main reason being Congress senior leadership attitude or Non-Accountability towards India’s economics and political deterrent Environment.
Lot of people  co-related that attitude and he endup becoming poster-boy for it , and hence a subject of lot of criticism and Joke .

But In all the rukus , I think lot of people missed something which was clearly visible.  Before going ahead , I want to clarify that I am not really big fan of Congress or its Politics , I am Entrepreneur , Technologist and hence inherently supporter of capitalism . I do think Congress Leadership attitude towards overall functioning of Politics and Economy is part of Big problem.

As I have cleared my views , The interview did made some different impressions about Rahul Gandhi and What he might not able to communicate

1. He is Gentleman , too much of gentleman to be in politics , but Isnt that what India’s future politics wants ?
2. He knows that he is part of system , He need to change the system from inside , But He cant take a stands or Approaches that will endup dividing Congress Party in more 20 State level parties (like NCP in Maharashtra , Trinamool Congress in West Bengal etc ) .
3. There was conviction in his sound when he passionately talked about “the way Political parties select there candidate , need to be democratic process ” , His slipping mention of 15 Primaries that he hold as a experiment could make a end to nepotism in Political system of India.
4. He did made his passionate stand clear on dynasty , even at risk of sounding Hypocrite. He did not sounded Hypocrite , rather he mentioned that he think its big part of Problem and he is not afraid of dealing with it.
5. Evan though he sounded little plastic or naive at multiple times, He did leave an impression that he is work-in-progress, Indian Politics is not something you could master in 10 years , and he is working bottom up to master it .

I am sure lot of people must have noticed above , but we also become a victim of popular sentiments or opinion , and In light of current popular opinion around his interview , making a Joke of him is safer and popular stand .

Image Credit : @BCCL
Copied from : http://www.mensxp.com/special-features/today/21711-the-profound-vagueness-of-rahul-gandhi-and-the-horrors-couched-within-it.html


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