It’s OK to fail

“It’s OK to try something new.

It’s OK to make mistakes. You will learn a lot from them.

It’s OK to take risks.

It’s OK to take your time.

It’s OK to find your pace.

It’s OK to try it your way.

It’s OK to fail. You can always try again free of fear.

It’s OK to look foolish.

It’s OK to be different.

It’s OK to wait until you feel ready.

It’s OK to experiment (in safety).

It’s OK to question the ‘shoulds’.

It’s special to be you. It is necessary to be you.

It is necessary to make a mess – which you are willing to clean up.

The act of creation is often messy.”

Making Things  – Ann Sayre Wiseman

        Found above Poem while browsing , Its mean to be for children’s , to inspire them to learn and explore . But as entrepreneur it has some raw appeal to us as well, and not because its great excuse when we fail , but because the above is reminder why you have chosen path less traveled.


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