Ciao Ciao.. Webonise !

They say “It’s all about the journey, not the destination!”. When I heard this first time, I thought what a “Really smart, intelligent Class-A level bullshit is that!!“

But over period of time I realized how that is nothing but “simple truth”.

One of my mentors and someone who was the first investor in Webonise told me that, “ Process of making money is extremely slow, hence it is important to work on something that you really love”. I would like to little extend on that today “It is not only important to work on something that you really love, but also with people that you like and enjoy working with.“

As we graduate from one stage to another stage of life, our destinations, targets, individual goals and even our routes to achieve those keeps changing.

Today, my destination and route is changing, this is my last month with Webonise as Chief Operating Officer and on the Board of Directors. I will be stepping down from all executive roles, but will continue to be shareholder.

It was nothing less than a privilege to work and lead amazing people. You guys made this journey fun and enriching, 30KG weight which I added while building Webonise is totally worth it!

When we started Webonise in early 2009, we didn’t really know what exactly we are going to do, but we knew few things which we are not going to do.

One, I was really sure that we don’t want to build ownership driven, a lala or sethji type company. As I move on and Webonise continues to prosper and grow is the proof of that. Among the many things which I am personally proud of that we were able to achieve at Webonise, this one top’s the list!

In the last one year, after merger with the US entity, I started handing over responsibilities to the New Management team, specifically the CEO-Rob, Director-Chris and CTO-Rich. These are some remarkable and experienced people, I am very certain that they will continue to grow Webonise and take it to new heights.

Recently, Bob Young — the founder and Ex-CEO of open source Linux leader RedHat and has joined Webonise as an investor and board member. Clearly shows that exciting time is ahead for Webonise.

I am not really a big fan of word “Legacy”. Whenever I hear that word, only two things comes to mind. First, the face of Amitabh bachchan from the movie Mohabbatein, we all know how boring that movie was. I tried watching it two times & every-time I was found sleeping like a baby. Second, most people who talk about legacy usually don’t have any future left which they can look up-to. They think that their good days are behind them and they don’t have confidence in themselves that they can achieve some amazing things in the future.

I am less of a businessman and more of an entrepreneur. Yes, there is a difference in those two. For starters, Entrepreneur are usually blessed with little extra adipose whereas businessmen are skinny — No.. No..! I am kidding 🙂 !

Many of you have worked very closely with us from early days and I hope we were able to influence (If not influence, then at-least decrease the bar so low that if these clowns can do then I can try too) some of you with the entrepreneur spirit and attitude. A Lot of you have already got bitten by entrepreneurial bug — did you notice that itch sometime? Its that bug, who is doing it’s job.

I would really like to see, what lies ahead. How that itch convert into infection and take over your mind and body. How many of you really take that Entrepreneurial bug, eat it, chew it hard and start something of your own. (little too dramatic but you got the point 🙂 )

One last thing which I learnt in the last couple of months as I started looking for the next exciting thing to do,

Be a little Unreasonable , Be a little Lazy!!
Do get Bored & Don’t get Impressed that Easy!!


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