Aaj kuch tuphani Karte hai…. (Lets do something crazy today… )

Old friend send a FB message after finding my About Us page and what I have wrote there , Below is FB message I got , First Part of message is Text from my About Us Page


Now , because he/she (trying to keep even gender also anonymous..  haha )  was so nice and second person to call me “Awesome” (only other person is of-course “Me”  😦 ) , I thought I should reply something really nice and Crack him/her again So I can get called “Awesome” one more time .  Good Plan.. Right !

Below is what I replied , and Now waiting to hear that word again desperately !

🙂 Life was too good and easy for whole of last year , got bored .
Then One calm and boring afternoon , while having some sips of Mountain Dew (sweet color water soda ) , got this thought “Aaj kuch tuphani Karte hai….  “ . 
(fuck those awesome cool TV ads .. ) 

First Option –  Scuba Diving , but then realized death by drowning could be really embarrassing as lot of people think I am good swimmer .  
Second option – Bungee Jumping , went onto google to do some research and then come across a video of two blond bikini model were trying to jump for 1 hour but did not jumped after giving all kind of reactions and expressions. 
Third Option – Mount Everest .. Baby ! – Went to Sinhgad fort as a practice trek on next weekend before I can start arranging for around 50L that would cost me to trek the Mount Everest(yes, its freaking 50Lakhs INR ) , had epiphany on fort which i reached after 5 hours , that I am way over my head with this. 

there were some more good options , like “Bike Ride to Ladhakh , vanish somewhere and live without money for 3months etc” , but then figured these are sourced from my excessive social media uses or my addiction to TV shows . Told myself , “First , Get a Life dude, then Get Real !!  “ 

So Last Option , our good old way to get a Kick which would be as high and scary as above options , but something that 95KG dude in his late 20’s (you see what i did there .. 🙂 ) who thinks he is hip because he listen to Eminem all day long could do it – Starting up again !! 

And after that , life has been Crazy, Exciting , Challenging , a little Confusing and Chaotic but full of Possibilities again ! 

Too much melodrama 🙂 , Haha , it ought to be 🙂


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